I do charity activities

I do charity activities. I like kids very much, and expect they will have good development in grow themselves in this globalization, as there are so many threat they should face.

during the past 6 years, as I was escorting my son study in elementary school, i filled my some spare times handle many activities supporting the School Committee in developing the extra activities program, that could match their development needs.

The School institution I handle is SDN Tangerang 15, where my son goes to study. For me, just like "sambil menyelam minum air". The program I held during the past 5-6 years includes several issues, such as :

  • creating activities on how the kids understanding their own Self potential and talent, which sometimes hidden of unawareness. 
  • developing their pride and dignity since they are small, and broaden their minds of the professional career they wan to achieve someday
  • Increase their positive social culture to this universe, people, environment and etc
  • Understanding how many challenge they will face and obstacle would be faced
  • Understanding on How danger "Narkoba" influenced their life
  • Understanding the positive way in using social media and cyber communication network
  • and many others.
all activities were packed into a theory training and implemented into simulation practice, and sometimes a field of Studying Journey or trip.

and i guess, there should not only the kids to be developed, but also Mothers, Mothers play golden role to theirs children development, especially during the Golden moments in a very basic educational phase. I wrote some about this, and also video, as you can see thru my Youtube Channel at listed of menu in the left side of this blog.

I believe, good parenting will build a great nation. and children as the seeds of the next generations, should have more improvements of their ancestors.

The pictures of my activities as shown below :