I enjoy of educational activities support the children development

I enjoy of educational activities support the children development very much. This photo was taken when I gave speech in the program of Students Ambassadors Inauguration for several issues, such as :

  • Duta Adiwiyata (Environmental Ambassadors)
  • Duta BNN (Anti Narkoba / Drugs Ambassadors)
  • Duta Jurnalis (Students Journalist)
  • Duta Seni (Student Artist Ambassador)
I guess, to develop students, needs not quite expensive activities, especially for Government School Institution, not a high-class ones, we have limitation of financial source. 
We can develop independently by our own self power creating useful and positive activities, using our own energy and creativity for this.

and indeed, it gives best results, when it comes to basic needs of the children, composing it into a parents expectations, for the kids to grow.

 In 2017, I support the 2nd Inauguration for the Students Ambassadors, but not only 4 types of Ambassador, there were 4 additional types of Ambassador as follows ;

  • Duta Kesehatan Dokter Cilik
  • Duta Kesehatan Jumantik 
  • Duta Baca / Book Lovers
  • Duta Cyber
So at this time there were 8 kinds of Students Ambassador inaugurated by the Mayor of Tangerang City represented by the regional Secretary, Bapak H. Dadi Budaeri, SE. Ak.

as shown in the last picture, Bapak H. Dadi Budaeri, SE. Ak.signing the Certificate of Inauguration.