I honor Friends..

I honor friends, best ones. 

I never see friends in grades. or any social level from. Or Level of Ages. All goods friends lies comfortably in my heart.

One good friend, questioned me, on what are my classification of friends could be closed to me, and suits me well.

I smiled and answered, a friend who can bring me to good improvements, who will be in togetherness to reach the goal of life to Jannah. friend who make my self to be a better person, and vice versa.
The above are my best friends, like just siblings, I call them as CANGCIMEN. We have group history, special ones.

We build a friends castle, a network, from time to time, as life is a journey, we met many people around us. Some stays, and some leaves. That is life. the most important thing is, you, yourself should never leave, in case it dangers you and the whole family.

I make friends well with my Organisation-Mates, the Insurance Brokers Association, there are many mores, but the purpose of making friends, remain unaltered.

Business Partners also my good friends

my mommies Friends, a friend of mommies at My Son's School, also my Good Friends
and many more, which i can list down here all of them