Say No To DRUGS ! Anti Narkoba !

Say No To DRUGS ! Anti Narkoba !

I always teach my son, for not having any involvement of Narkoba and drug matters. I choose to acquaintance him with these kinds of issue, since he is in his elementary school, which i hope much, it will embedded rooted in his life, ever after.

Drugs will damage a generation, children wont ever have good future life, if they use any kinds of drugs in refer to Any Narkoba Designation materials.

We have to avoid our children from these negative effects, control their environment of social engagement in their surrounding.

the above pictures was taken at the Youths Festival 2017 at South Tangerang, as seen, Head of BNN Office for South Tangerang, Bapak AKBP Heri Istu Hariono, S.Si, hand over the Appreciation Certificate of the Anti-Drug Activist to the Head Master of SDN Tangerang 15, Ibu Hj. Lina Nurlia SPd. witnessed by The Mayor of South Tangerang, Ibu Hj. Airin Diani.

The appreciation is not reached in a short time, but there was a duration that we were doing any champaign of Antidurg to students, people and public surround.

Pictures as shown of some activities we held :
With the Team of BNN Office South Tangerang